Hack Battery Reset - need help with MacsBug and 68K code

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Hack Battery Reset - need help with MacsBug and 68K code

From Battery Reset's STR resource - "Use this application to reset batteries on PowerBook G3 Series computers."

It can reset and revive LiIon batteries on Wallstreet, Lombard and clamshell iBooks. I've used it to restore to life several previously unusable batteries. However it refuses to run on Pismo (which uses the same batteries as does Lombard.) It presents a dialog saying "Sorry, this application is not intended for your computer model."

Lots of Pismo users would benefit from being able to run BR on Pismo and so I'd like to hack it so it _will_ run on Pismo. I've got 'Books both Lombard and Pismo on hand and some experience with MacsBug, but I lack the coding background needed to track down the mechanism which BR uses to prevent running on Pismo.

I've done enough poking around inside BR's 'CODE' resource (using Resourcerer) to know I just don't know enough. It uses a "_SysEnvirons" OS trap to grab a selector but I haven't been able to decipher which selector it actually uses to decide whether the Mac on which it's running is an acceptable machine.

It should run on Pismo just fine, the battery interface is the same as for Lombard. I expect the not-running thing results from Pismo not having been introduced before BR's last update. Why Apple never released a BR update for Pismo I have no idea . . .

Can anyone help? Or if not, at least point me to other forums where I can ask this same question?


Dan K