Killy clip source?

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Killy clip source?

One card I have in my 512ke (macrescue card by dove) uses a clip which goes over the 68000 processor and then attaches to the accelerator.. it's starting to die, pins are falling out & the plastic is cracking apart. Basically, I need a new one.

Anyone know where to source these/have any for me to buy?

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Back in the day, the Killy clip didn't work on ceramic packaged CPUs, IIRC. It was necessary to solder the legs of a DIP socket onto the legs of the CPU, it worked fine when I did it, even if it looked ugly as sin. Hopefully a socket will be easier to find.


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I've got no idea what a Killy

I've got no idea what a Killy clip looks like, but I've got a few CPU adapters for upgrades in Amigas and PCs. On the Amigas (which ran 68000s too) most had extra long pins to make the card rise above the other components on the board. Is that what the Killy clip did? Or was it more like one of the PC style where there was a plug that fit into the CPU socket and had a ribbon cable attached that ran to a standard header plug that connected it to the accel card?

And jt, where you been? It's nice to see an old time poster show back up. Smile

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You might try adapting a test

You might try adapting a test clip:

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