FS: Tons of older Mac stuff, PCI USB & ethernet, B&W G3, upgraded 7300, beige G3 parts and more

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FS: Tons of older Mac stuff, PCI USB & ethernet, B&W G3, upgraded 7300, beige G3 parts and more

Alright, I've got a good sized list of stuff that needs to go. Buyer pays actual shipping from 50013, I prefer paypal. All prices are suggestions, I'm open to reasonable offers.

B&W G3, Rev. 1. Originally 350MHz, overclocked to 400MHz, 8GB HD, 128MB of RAM (I might have another 64 I can throw in, not sure), CD-ROM and Zip drives, 16MB Rage 128, comes with a fresh install of Tiger. The case is in great condition.

7300/200, Has a Sonnet G3/400 processor card, 240MB of RAM, 8GB Ultra Wide SCSI HD and PCI card, original 350MB SCSI drive included, CD-ROM, comes with a fresh install of 9.1, which it runs wonderfully. This would make a great server, internet, or email machine. It's definitely faster than any of my beige G3's, about on par with my B&W 350's. VRAM maxed out in all 4 slots, external cache also maxed out.

I have many many Beige G3 cases, parts, and complete systems. If there is anything at all you need from a beige G3, I have it, just ask. I've got a spare tower case and PS, complete G3/266 desktop systems w/ a little RAM and 4GB drives, SCSI and IDE Zip drives, spare power supplies, ROMs (Rev 1 did not support slave drives, but 2 and 3 did), IDE and SCSI cables, and lots more.

USB PCI Card. Works natively even in OS 9, pulled from a Beige G3. Not tested in OS X, I'm assuming it would work, but I can test to be sure if you'd like.

10/100 Ethernet card, made by Farallon, works in OS 9 using drivers, I haven't tested it in OS X, but I could if you want. Perfect for giving that PCI Mac/G3 a much faster connection.

8GB IDE HD. It's fairly loud when it's spun up, so it's not something you'd want sitting next to you, but it's perfect for a server in the other room.

Like I said, prices are negotiable.
As for trades, I'm looking for IDE hard drives anywhere from 20 to 120 gigs, and I might consider some B&W G3 parts.

Let me know by PM.
eBay feedback is under "myproberules."

Thanks for looking!