B&W internal modem

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B&W internal modem

OK, guys, skip the snubs about slow computers and give me some help here! I'm just getting out of the stone age with a B&W G3 (with a soon to be installed 450 MHz processor) and I got an internal modem off eBay for it (yes, I still have dialup, and will for the forseeable future as I have no intentions of getting a sattalite dish for high speed internet).

Problem is it only works with the Apple internal modem 56k (v34) script, leading me to believe it is NOS and hence not upgraded to v90. I can only get 31,000 bps for a connection speed and it's SLOW!!!

Anybody know where I can get the correct upgrader for this, and should I be using some other modem script instead of the ones in OS X 10.2.8 (no, not yet upgraded to anything newer as the Beige G3 I'm retiring won't run anything else reliably -- in fact, it doesn't really run ANYTHING reliably, and seems to eat hard drives, too!)

Thanks a bunch -- I'd really like to get up to speed witht this box, it's otherwise a great improvement.