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Is Kiwi drawing much traffic at all these days? I guess I missed the initial announcement about Kiwi, and mistakenly thought it was all about iPods (it's not). I usually just go straight to the Recent Posts pages on AF and Kiwi, but I finally got around to reading the main page for Kiwi and found that it's all about help with fixing stuff. "Kiwi is a subsite of specifically designed for people seeking help with computer problems." Cool!

I'm wondering, though, how many people actually pay attention to the Kiwi posts. I visited there Saturday, responded to a couple of posts, and also posted my own question, but absolutely nothing has been added since then. That's kind of odd. AF has seen much more activity. Actually, I posted the same question on both AF and Kiwi and haven't got a response in either place, but the point is that there has been zero activity on Kiwi for nearly 36 hours.

So I guess it's a question of how many people know the purpose of Kiwi and what differentiates it from AppleFritter. Are we on the steep slope of the learning curve right now?

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Re: Kiwi?

davintosh wrote:
... Are we on the steep slope of the learning curve right now?

I think so. I keep trying to retrain myself to ask my 'help me' questions over there but keep seeing others of this sort popping up on the regular AF forums.

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