Powerbook doesnt like colons, time, and numbers.

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Powerbook doesnt like colons, time, and numbers.

this is odd. my PBG3 running 9.2.2 refuses to display the time the way I likes it. which is: WD HH:MM:SS in the 24 hour format. it will not use the : as the seperator, and insted reverts to an H at the end of the time, and displays it as a mass blob of numbers. I try to set it to the U.S. set, with AM and PM, but as soon as I click "OK", it reverts to the H.

I have done the ususal, including sync time with server, PRAM zap, desktop rebuild. it still wont work.

I'm sure it's as simple as a conflict somewhere down the line, but I wonder if someone else has had this issue. it's a new one to me atleast.

thanks. -digital Wink