Prototype Quadra 700

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Prototype Quadra 700

Hi Internet. My name is Shaun and in the year of 1999 I worked at Computer Renassiance in the Towers Mall in Roanoke Virginia. When I started there the owner of the store John Gharst had a shelf full of misc. Macintosh junk. One day I was wanting to straghten the counter up and I encountered what appeard to be a Quadra 700 or Mac IIcx , basicly that box form factor case.

The most peculiar thing about this computer, it had a sticker on the back saying "SPIKE PVT" in the regular Apple font. Normally with the q-700 it has "Quadra 700" on the front and on the sticker in the back. I was sort of shocked as to what the hell the thing was. It did have a 68040 processor @ 25 MHz and all the internal workings of a regular Quadra 700 except the motherboard was a dark red colour and the obvious label saying "Spike PVT" on the back.

If anyone can get a hold of John Gharst maybe he would be willing to sell this machine or at least provide some pictures of it.

Does anyone have any information on the "Spike PVT" Quadra machine?

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I HAVE ONE...i think

i also work at an apple repair shop, and behind a whole buch of junk was a spike pvt . this was about a month ago.

ill try to find it tommarow and boot it up


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If someone want's to sell one

If someone want's to sell one, I'd take it.

Spike was one of the project names of the Q700. This and the red MoBo is a clear sign of it being a prototype. I want one! Wink

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I have one...

Aside from it's non Quadra branding it's not any different from a stock Q700. Haven't used mine in a dogs age. It's sitting in my office closet.

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