VST Charger 3400 Two-Bay Battery Charging Unit

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VST Charger 3400 Two-Bay Battery Charging Unit

I picked up a Wallstreet and a box full of accessories for cheap recently, and one of the things in the box was a brand new VST Charger 3400 two-bay battery charging unit, still in the shrinkwrap. I opened it up to see if it would work with the Wallstreet batteries (it doesn't) but other than that it hasn't been out of the box. I don't have a 3400 or a 190/5300, so it's for sale.

The box says:

Charger 3400
For 3400 and 190/5300 Powerbooks
(Also compatible with the G3/3400 PowerBooks)
The VST Charger 3400 is equipped with two bays that "smart-charge" the standard Apple Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) battery, the VST High Capacity 5-hour (50 watt-hour) battery or the 190/5300 NiMH battery, in any combination, in the shortest possible time. So downtime is the shortest possible, too. The Charger 3400 automatically monitors charging, detects errors, and self-tests at every power-up.

The box also contains an Apple AC adapter; not sure what the wattage of that unit is, but it's the small rectangular unit.

How does $20 shipped (anywhere in the lower 48 states) sound? Too high? Make me an offer.