35mm Negative Scanner - USB

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35mm Negative Scanner - USB

I will be having an influx of cash as soon as my iMac is sold, and I wish to locate a decent 35mm Scanner that has very good resolutions, resolutions good enough for print.

I'll be using it on a Beige G3 or a Windows box. Both will have USB.

Resolution I'm looking for is above 2400 DPI. My price range is 200 Dollars Canadian. I can do higher if needed, but anyone with a profesional grade scanner that's willing to part with it etc., let me know.

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From what I have gathered by talking to photographers, the Nikon Coolscan film scanners are the best. However, they are REALLY expensive. The cheapest on pricegrabber.com is $340 US, and that is pre-owned. The cheapest new is over $500 US.

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