OS X built-in VNC Server; custom listening ports?

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OS X built-in VNC Server; custom listening ports?

From 10.3 on, OS X allows you to set a pw for a vnc client to connect to the built-in VNC server (a part of Apple Remote Desktop client on Panther and Tiger installs, under Remote Desktop in Sharing Preferences, called a "client," its really a server... the "Admin" utility for ARD is really Apple's proprietary client).

VNC Servers, by default, listen on port 5900, and, thus, so does the one built-in to OS X. Other VNC Servers allow you to customize the listening port.

I want to change the default listening port on a particular OS X box to something else (like, say, port 15530, or something).

Anyone have any idea how I can do this? I imagine, just like Apache, sshd, and ftpd, there are text configuration files hidden somewheres that would need to be altered. If anyone can figure this out, please let me know. Thanks.