Prototype Titanium PowerBook G4

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Prototype Titanium PowerBook G4

Beena while since I have posted anything here, but I figured I would post this up here before I throw it on eBay. Serious offers only please.

I have a 400MHz *Prototype* Titanium PowerBook G4. The main chassis is made of black plastic (quite a bit stronger than the titanium chassis of production units). It has the original Apple stickers which specify what it came with. The machine works perfectly, although I do have to say the motherboard was replaced as the prototype board it had self destructed before it came to me. It also has added ram (512MB) and an airport card. Its currently loaded with MacOS 10.4 and runs it fine. The small bit below the optical drive is cracked unfortunately. Also, there is no cross bar below the keyboard, so it makes a rattle sound when you type. And its not that I simply dont have one for it, but that the chassis has no provision for one. It has a 20GB HD as well. The optical drive does not line up perfectly, as the early Titaniums used a different drive mounting system than later ones, it still works, but it may scratch disc now and then. This unit is #10 of 12, and you wont likely find another one. I am not going to list a price, but instead if you are interested, email me and I will see if we can work something out. Otherwise I will put it up on eBay and hope Apple doesnt shut the auction down. I will post some photos of it later on.