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Bicycles and questions

I'm not sure if anyone here is familiar with Cannondale mountain bikes or not, but here it goes. I've had a red Cannondale M700 that I purchased used almost seven years ago. I've been unable to find the serial number on it, and thus can't tell it's age. From my cursory looking on google, it appears to be from 1993 or later. It's red with the Pepperoni forks, Shimano Deore LX components, force 40 brakes, and the 3.0 aluminum frame. Does anyone know of any good mountain bike or Cannondale resources. I live about an hour and a half from the factory, but am too lazy to drive out there. Since the early 90's, I've been collecting bikes in some capacity, but haven't done much with it in years. Though I miss having a Schwinn Continental to toss around - a good cheap road bike. Any other bicycling fritterers?

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Underside of the bottom bracket?

The serial number usually can be found on the bottom bracket, or on one of the rear dropouts. I once worked in a bike shop & worked on a lot of different bikes, but never really worried about where the serial numbers were. On an older bike the number can easily be covered by grease & crud, so a good cleaning might be very revealing.

In my earlier days I did a fair amount of biking, but I've always been more interested in bikes for their geek value; I'd spend at least as much time time tinkering on them & trading than riding. That said, I did ride a lot -- club training rides, time trials, a few road races, etc... Problem was I tended to push gears that were too big, and now I pay the price in the form of arthritic knees.

I still have a decent stable of bikes though, and get out riding with the kids on occasion. During the summer months I'll commute to work by bike when the weather is decent -- about 6 miles or so each way.
I've got an older ProFlex full-suspension mountain bike that I use for general knocking around.

Last year I picked up a Specialized road bike with a carbon fiber frame and high end Shimano components. It weighs in at just under 17lbs. The thing always amazes me in how smooth the ride is, but it absolutely flies compared to my previous road bikes. You can feel a fair amount of flex in the frame, but it doesn't seem to affect the transfer of power to the wheel.

I've also picked up some nice rides for my wife & kids over the years. The unit the wife is currently riding is one I built from a stripped Fuji mountain bike frame that I picked up at a rummage sale for next to nothing. I set it up as a full-on mountain bike and rode it for about 10 years before the ProFlex came along. She likes a more upright riding style, so now it's looking like a utility bike, and is as comfortable a bike you'll ever ride.

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