iPod HD's Bad Blocks

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iPod HD's Bad Blocks

Alright... here's my story.
I recorded about 1 hour's worth of audio onto my 20GB 4G iPod using iPodlinux, and the recording worked great.
The next day, I tried to get the precious .wav file onto my hard drive to edit it and clean it up.
Finder stopped copying the file at around 75MB in (out of 400MB).
I used Techtool Pro 4 to check the disk, and I have more than 150 bad blocks!
Using Techtool's Data Recovery tool, I can't get more than the first ~9 minutes of the file.
The directory data scan stops at '1422942 of 4874677' (don't know if that's blocks, sectors, KB, or whatever).

Anyways, is there any way to recover the audio? I know that a good chunk of it is gone (150 or so blocks), but is there a program out there what will save what's left of my file?

Thanks in advance,
Tiger G5 Kid