wifi for pb 1400cs

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wifi for pb 1400cs

I want to get some wifi up and running on my pb1400cs, does anyone know of pc cards that would be compatible?

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Some info here: http://discu

Some info here:

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i have an orinoco card in my

i have an orinoco card in my wallstreet with their drivers, and it works great.

there is a page online about how to get lucent cards (along with others) to work with a universal driver. search google for powerbook 1400 lucent wifi, as i don't know the url for the page right now.

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usually any 802.11b card with

usually any 802.11b card with bronze/silver/gold in the name uses the same chipset and should work.

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I used a Cisco Aeronet 350 ca

I used a Cisco Aeronet 350 card in my 3400, you need the updated drivers though...

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Been there done that

hey i have a powerbook cs and i have a avaya silver world card with the orinoco drivers and it work perfectly what i did was searched good for powerbook 1400 wifi/wireless and i found an article saying that orinoco cards have been renamed many times so i went on ebay and got an avaya for $20 so i was pretty happy with that

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I have a 1400cs/166 with an Orinoco Gold in it.. I got the card a few weeks ago as New-Old-Stock (NOS) from a dealer doing a cleanout. Make sure you get a card that only does 802.11b, as this will likely be a PC Card. The 802.11b/g/a cards will be Cardbus, which the PB1400 won't support.

The only thing it took me ages to work out was that the Orinoco drivers require a 0x 'zero-x' at the beginning of the WEP key, but once I got that sorted, I was surfing the net like it wa 1999!

Of course, the battery in the powerbook is dead, so the wireless is mostly just for convenience Smile

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