Trying to get rid of old Apple stuff

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Trying to get rid of old Apple stuff

Hey guys I just joined this forum because I'm looking to get rid of a bunch of old Apple II software and I would rather get it to a good home than just throw it in the garbage.

Basically, I have a ton of stuff. My parents bought an Apple IIe back in about '83, and I still have it and all the software and documentation. Much of the software is old school pirated stuff, but also includes some stuff that was bought. I have WordPerfect in the box with the manuals, which is includes 6 5 1/4 floppies but also one 3.5 inch floppy (can anyone here use 3.5 inch floppies on a IIe?).

I also have some games that are in the box and in very good condition:

Europe Ablaze - SSG
Halls of Montezuma - SSG
Sherlock - Infocom
Trinity - Infocom (both Infocom games include all the silly extras they used to include
Starcross - Infocom (this one has no box - it came in a flying saucer thing, but all has manuals and maps)
Micro League Baseball
Flight Simulator II - Sublogic (the box is banged up for this one)

I also have a ton of games without boxes or only limited documentation, both purchased new and also pirated stuff. My brother and I were really big into Apple IIe gaming through the '80s and into the very early '90s.

I'm keeping the computer itself and some favorite software.

Let me know if you want anything. I'm not trying to sell this stuff, I would just need someone to pay for shipping or just come pick it up (I'm in Chandler, Arizona).

Please let me know if there are other forums where I could post this.

You can email me at


Last seen: 12 years 2 weeks ago
Joined: Jun 4 2006 - 19:20
Spoken for

This stuff is spoken for. It's going to a good home. Thanks, guys.

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