Apple network server 700/150

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Apple network server 700/150

I have aquired a Apple 700/150 network server with a upgrade network CPU 200MHz. However this rascel does not power up, not so much a a wimper. I have replaced the Pram battery, No change. I have looked for the cuda switch (where is it??).

Everything I have looked at on the inside is claen and shiney like new, no broken contacts or pins. I have pulled out the hard drive, CD-Rom, Tape backup all out at the same time and still no power up. even putting them back in one at a time makes no differance. Bad Power supply?? is there a reset switch??. I do not smell burn't or burning electronics.

The specs are
200 MHz network CPU
82megs ram
4.3 gig HD
HP 4Gig tape drive
CD-rom drive.

any Ideas??. I'd like to see this rascel be powered up and running. I might tie it into my network at home or possably sell it. I'm not sure but I'd like to have it running before I do anything. So any help, suggestions, advice would certinly be appericated


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... but all I have for you is a link to a site where you might find someone with an answer. Try

Billed as the "Unofficial site for the Apple Network Server." The discussions there aren't exactly lively, but there is some activity.

I help out with volunteer admin for my church's office, and they have an ANS700 (plus a spare for parts) there. I know very little about the beast, only how to get into the admin terminal on a client machine. Very, very different from the run 'o the mill Mac.

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Sounds like it's time for a l

Sounds like it's time for a little power tracing. Is the wall power source actually hot? Plug something else in and check. Don't laugh, it happens. If the wall is hot does that voltage make it into the front side of the power supply? The power cord might be damaged or the power connector on the back of the box. If that's OK then find a schematic of the power supply output voltages (Google is your friend). Got voltage on the power (DC now) out side? If not then check for a fuse in the power supply and replace if bad. If no fuse then get another power supply (again Google is your friend). If there is power being appropriately supplied then the problem may be connector(s) to the mother board or board level problems. Sad

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ANS 700/150

I finally got it to where it will power on for about 2 seconds then power off and once it powered up and ran for about a minute and a half however the LED had no messages only two blank lines going accross the screen. I tried resetting the machine and now its back to a two second power up then shut down.

I have tried powering it up with all the drives pulled and its the same 2 second power up/shutdown. I've pulled the memory and the same thing happens. So it could be a power supply problem. then again maybe a short some where or a bad board.

As of right now I'm having to shelve this project for a while as I have way to many going at one time. I was kinda hoping for a quick fix but no deal.

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Sounds like you have a handle

Sounds like you have a handle on the problem.
Next step would be to isolate the issue.
Disconnect the power supply from the board and see if it shuts down in the same manner.
Cool old Machine...


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