Gibran Salomão

Gibran Salomão is from Brazil (or Brasília, as they call it), hence the funny little squiggly above the second "a" in his last name. The MacQuarium he made, however, doesn't appear to be too squiggly though, and it sports a nifty top-mounted light box. The full-size keyboard is a little disproportionate to the rest of the machine, but showing the whole thing off on a nice piece of mahogany-ish furniture is trés chic!



Just for the record, Brazilians don't call their country Brasília. They call it Brasil. Brasília is the name of a city--in fact, it is the capitol of Brazil. Saying Brazilians call thier country Brasília is like saying the British call their country London.

BTW: like your site! Smile