Bob's Macquarium

Bob created yet another Macquarium; this one uses the shell of an original Macintosh (with signatures in the back and everything) to house three black neon tetras Moe, Larry, and Shemp.

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iLamp - the guts

iMac lamp guts


The inside of the Plus in the Moon Light with Mouse Bubbler

This is my Sons Beta swimming at night with the Blue LED's that mimic moonlight. He digs it. Looks great too. We also have some RGB for looks. We made the mouse a bubbler. It works great.


Sharing at Shcool Pinky (the SE) and Pozzy (the Plus) MacAquaria

Today we took the finished SE "Pinky" tank to school to "share". My Daughter really wanted to show her tank to her classmates. So we ptinted out the instructions and made a poster and wrtoe up or own Blog. It was alot of fun all the kids in class want one now. My Sons is the Platinum Plus and we showed off the Pink one in his class since his has had fish in it for more than a month now.

We got two female betas Princess and Brownie.


iMac and SE Pinstriped

These are two I pinstriped today. I airbrushed the flames on the iMac. The SE Water Drops are acrylic paint done with a paint bruch and then pinstriped.


Water flowing down and pinstripe flames.

That fist pic didn't really show off my first pintsripe job.


My First Betta Killer - I mean MacQuarium

Got it waterproofed and set-up and put a Beta in it today. Pretty excieted to get started on the second one. My 6 yr old daughter really wants one.


Best MacQuarium Ever!

The sexiest MacQuarium out there! Definitely more useful than the old non-working CRT it used to be! Pretty tricky fnding the right glue and making sure she won't leak or kill the poor little fishies! I'm taking orders!



resurrected October 7, 2005...nearly finished October 9


CD Burning Macquarium

This is to the best of my knowledge the world's first CD burning fish tank. A full gallery of James Donohoe's own Macquarium pictures can be viewed at his website:



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