CD Burning Macquarium

This is to the best of my knowledge the world's first CD burning fish tank.

In this first stage, I have included a 20 cm cube fish tank on top of a 40x40x10 speed CD-RW burner. This burner currently connects to my laptop via a USB 2.0 port at the rear. The CD-Burner has been re-wired to change the headphone output port on the burner into a line in port. This allows for the headphone out jack on my laptop to be directly connected to the Macquarium, and from the back of the Macquarium wires connect to an amplifier.

In the second stage, two 200 gig hard drives will be placed in the space below the CD-Burner, and these hard drives will be connected with the CD-Burner at a 7 port USB 2.0 hub. Left over ports will be used to provide a hub panel to the left of the CD-Burner, and there is a possibility that a USB port will be used to place a USB web cam on top of the Macquarium. Fan cooling options will also be investigated to protect the Macquarium from overheating and cooking the fish.

A full gallery of James Donohoe's own Macquarium pictures can be viewed at his website: