resurrected October 7, 2005...nearly finished October 9



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The menu bar and the icons are a great touch!

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argh, such a waste of a mac, i dont like macquariums, it looks really good though

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argh, such a waste of a mac, i dont like macquariums, it looks really good though

dude, most (or all, if you have any heart whatsoever) people make their macquariums out of busted hardware, or the case-only deals that pop up on ebay every once and a while. I'm gonna do one with my old SE as soon as I get a mac cracker from that nearby Mac fixit shack next to Frys.

I have Hacked a Plus and recently an SE 20 into MacQuariums. I am in the progress a Bondi iMacAquaria. I am hooked. I think it is the best thing to do with an old Mac that's headed for the landfill. My kids love theirs. I found a 7.5w heater for a 2gal tank at PetCo. We have been using LED Lights. I get em from a guy on eBay. Run cooler, longer, less power, come in colors. Won't cause algae or cook fish.

I was looking for Decal Paper so I can make icons and other screen graphics. You can print it out on a Laser Printer.

I suggest making your own mac cracker with a 2 BIC Pens and that Hex fitting from a Screw Gun Kit. That's what I did works great. I actually put them pen in my screw gun and let it rip. Or pay $7-12 for the tool if you plan to make a few. On the SE I copied the Warning and Adjustment card that was on the Monitor and placed it on one of the inside walls of the case. I printed out a pic of the motherboard and taped it to the other side.

I have been using 1/8in Acrylic to make my tanks and I am experimanting with bending it to make less pieces to weld and added strength. Solvent Adhesives like Weld On Number 4 and Number 16 work awesome!

I got the decal paper today. How did you make your menu bar and icons? Screen Capture or from scratch? Did you know there are MacQuarium Icons on there on the internet somewhere?

I see MacQuariums are rather popular now. But who was the first to make it?