Quadra 605

A very nice drawing of the Quadra 605.


90+ compact macs

90+ compact macs loaded into my 77 Dodge Van.

Jimbo's Macquarium

My first ever Macquarium. Built in a college dorm in 2 weeks and with the merry accompaniment of much swearing. Now houses Joe (Moorfish) and eBay (mini Catfish thing). Don't even ask who named them.


Yoni Platt

Yoni Platt went all retro with his MacQuarium and made it out of a Mac 128k case. He executed the rope light installation beautifully, although I do believe that the blue colored light will confuse the hell out of the fish.


Stephen Abbene

When Stephen first e-mailed me with this submission, I jokingly called him a cheater because all he did was stick a fishbowl inside a Mac case. He replied that the whole MacQuarium cost him $6 and a trip to Wal-Mart--not bad after all. However, I strongly encourage him to build a real MacQuarium for if the Canadian Goldfish Society finds out he keeps a fish in a fishbowl (insert dramatic dum-dum-dum music here) they're gonna bitch him out worse than they did to me. (Blame Canada, indeed.) Looks like he's got a Betta in there.



PCSolutions411 is a Kansas City-based computer repair facility that builds and sells MacQuariums on the side. Adding the motherboard to the back of the tank adds a nice effect, and scares the fish at the same time.


Ron Cox

Ron's MacQuarium was the first reader submission whcih employed the Dr. Webster plans. It looks like Ron did quite a good job, especially in getting the crab to pose for the camera. What Dr. Webster w


Nathan Sumner

Nathan's MacQuarium appears to be of high quality craftsmanship.. Nathan also apparently only wants the best for his fish, as he has a thermometer and charcoal filter installed--very chic. Good job, N


Mitch Leung

Mitch Leung has apparently done a good job with his Mac SE MacQuarium. I inquired as to why the tank is only filled three-fourths of the way and he replied that if it were filled any more his fish would jump out.


Cate & Kevin Byers

Kevin & Cate Byers put a little ingenuity into designing the lighting apparatus for their MacQuarium. Two nightlights, a 3-socket swiveling adapter, and an extension cord installed inside a custom enclosure provides a great glow inside the tank.



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