ANS 700

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ANS 700

I posted about a ANS 700 that I had aquired that would not power up. I have I believe found the problem to be the powerboard that the power supply plugs into as you can lay the machine on its side and it will power up nearly every time. I do believe that there maybe other problems with the machine as the LED remains with two black lines running accross it and no messages when powered up.

As I do not have the time or funds to work on the ANS 700 I am selling it to someone who I hope can get the machine up and running or possably use it to get another one up and running.
I am asking $125.00 for it and local pick up as I live in close proximity of the Dallas/Ft Worth area. However if you want the machine and it has to be shipped. I will look for the least expenseve shipper i can find.

Let me know..........TIA