Tapes and Tape drives

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Tapes and Tape drives

For Sale...

10 New Sony DLTIII 10GB/20GB(compressed) Tapes. I will sell as a bundle or separate.

1 Maxell DLT cleaning cartridge

I also have the DLT drive theses would have been used with, but it croaked before I could make use of the tapes.

1 Apple branded but HP manufactured DDS2 DAT drive. Also backwards compatible with DDS tapes.

9 Sony DDS 2GB/4GB(compressed) DAT tapes

28 Maxell HS-4/120s DDS2 DAT tapes 4GB/8GB(compressed)

1 brand new HP DDS cleaning catridge

The DAT tapes were all used but only 1-2 times each. I have checked all of them and done a long erase on them and they all seem to be fine. The Apple DAT drive has been tested and is guaranteed not DOA. Make me an offer on any of these. I would really like to get all of this out of my closet. Shipping will be from 02142. Feel free to PM me with questions.