Stuff to wonder about.

I just found out that Richard Kyanka (founder of Something Awful) is living a few miles away in my hometown of Lee's Summit, MO. Maybe I never knew this before, because I never read SA. Or Fark. Or any other of the popular odd sites, other than BME. I did know about Pat Metheny, as my dad went to school with him. And I'm fairly sure I've seen Fatal1ty driving his car around town. I dunno, this a a late night link fest of sorts, because I've slept all day because I was taking diphenhydramine for a massive allergy reaction.


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I've seen Metheny in concert twice. Some of his stuff is a little too trippy for my taste, but I could listen to "Imaginary Day" endlessly.

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I've never actually heard his music. I'd be ata loss to even point him out in a picture. Smile It was kinda funny though, when my aunt brought her new husband half way across the country. My dad was telling them about the area, and who famous was from here. Turns out he is a Metheny fan. I guess it made the trip from SF/San Jose to KC that much better for him.