Across Canada trip

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Across Canada trip

Hello everyone,

In a bizzare turn of events I am halfway across the country, staying in Vancouver, Canada with my Uncle, for a couple of days right now And I would like to share some of the experiences I have had across Canada with you guys. I already told Coius about this but in about a week I am going to California, And I will be getting a tour of Apple's headquarters, among other things. Going to see Apple's campus would obviosely be the highlight of my trip, and it has been my dream to go there since I first started going on Applefritter. I will try and take a lot of pictures and put them in my image gallery as well as I can.

And I was wanting to share another thing with you guys. I am going to a former Applefritter member's house in vancouver; his name on Applefritter was Jax I believe, to see what kind of old mac stuff I can buy off of him. Does anyone else on Applefritter live somewhere in BC Canada that has old Mac stuff that they would like to sell that would be interested in meeting for that reason? Well anyway if anyone would like to sell me some of their old mac stuff, and are in the BC or San Francisco areas send me a PM or email me please. well anyway I would like to share that with everybody and if anyone has ever had similar experiences that would like to talk about it feel free to do so.

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