Welcome to the Colour Classic Forum!

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Welcome to the Colour Classic Forum!


This is a forum for the interchange of comment, help and advice for users of the Apple Macintosh Colo(u)r Classic, CCII, Performa 250 and Performa 275 computers. In particular, it is intended to offer support for those upgrading their CCs.
 Most Colo(u)r Classic questions have already been answered!  
Please carefully read    http://www.colourclassicfaq.com/ and links therefrom before asking your questions!

 Q What's the purpose of the CC Forum? A See the Forum header.  
 Q. Who may post to the Forum? A Anyone, as long as have signed on with Applefritter.  
 Q What's on-topic? A Anything relevant to CCs and their upgrading. (Arguments about whether putting a PC in a CC case is an upgrade have already been well rehearsed.)   
 Q. Are advertisements allowed? A. As long as they are relevant to the forum, FSs and links to auctions are OK. They will not be archived, so please don't add any useful information to such threads. Since this is a global forum, it is expected that sellers will be willing to ship anything smaller than a full CC or CRT or CC case globally, subject to the usual protection for the seller, and the buyer paying fair shipping costs.  
 Q What is not allowed? A. Trolling, flaming; questions irrelevant to CCs; personal criticism; politics; religion. etc etc.