FS: Powerbook G3 Pismo/400Mhz/1GIG RAM/40GIG HD/DVD/AIRPORT

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FS: Powerbook G3 Pismo/400Mhz/1GIG RAM/40GIG HD/DVD/AIRPORT

I have a Powerbook G3 Pismo/400Mhz/1GIG RAM/40GIG HD/DVD/AIRPORT for sale, I am the original owner, bought it new, and it has served me well and still going strong, I just bought a Powerbook G4 15" Aluminum, and therefore, I have no need for 2 computers, I hate to let it go, but...
Anyway, here is some of the details, it is a the most upgradable powerbook, the processor, RAM, hard drive, not mention the hot swap drive bay modules. Since I have this machine, I NEVER have any problem with it at all. As the title said, it has a 400Mhz G3 processor, can be upgrade to G4 500Mhz or G3 900Mhz, both RAM slots filled with 512MB SODIMM PC100 for the total of 1GIG of RAM, the original hard drive was upgrade to a faster and bigger 40 GIG (original was a 10 GIGER), which has Tiger installed. The DVD/CDROM drive works fine, It also has the Original Apple Airport Card installed allowed wireless connection. The 14" screen has NO scratches or stuck pixel, the color still nice and bright with no discoloration or uneven backlight. Keyboard has no missing or bad key, in the matter of facts, it in excellent shape, as well as the track pad.
The case overall in great shape, with no crack, there is some minor scratches here and there but not much noticing, I thought it looks very good for a 5 years old computer.
Okay, that was a few things about the GOOD, now is the BAD: all 4 rubber feet are missing. The battery hold about 5 min of charge so you need to get a battery replacement, however, you still can use the power cord, speaking of the power cord, the original YoYo adater also MIA (missing in action) but it does have a black rectangular shaped power adapter.
Lastly, the URGLY, no, just kidding , there wasn't any urgly about this machine but it is a BONUS: Expansion ZIP drive, and weight saving device are included, as well as original software/documentation, I try to locate the original box, if I found it, I will ship it in the original box, if not, I will use a special box designed for shipping laptop instead.
Well, that all I could think off on the top of my head right now, feel free to contact me at poeun@mchsi.com if you have any question regarding this machine, also picture will be available upon request.
My asking price: $375.00 or best offer + $30 shipping to all lower 48 states. I accept Paypal or Money Order, no Check please. THANK YOU!
My eBay ID: dapismo – NO Neg feedback
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