Eprom Burner Question.

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Eprom Burner Question.

Hi all!

was wondering , does anyone know of a site that you can go to , to find working eprom burner cards for a //+ ? I have some files that I want to burn to blank eproms , most of
which are modified f-8 roms [won't say what they are , but Im sure you know what they are used for ;o)] and a working pig font rom , which was a great font chip back in the day , made the characters really kewl , especially when you were online on a bbs , % characters looked like skull and crossbones! and the other rom is a lower case rom .

Anyhow , that's about it , would like to get a hold of a good burner , and some blank
eproms.... if anyone is interested in the files , please let me know :O)



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Modified f-8 roms

I have a burner which I made taking an article on an apple book published in Japan. I also copied a software on the book. The burner can read an eprom and write on a 2716. Unfortunately I lost the book and I do not have the schematic and very hard to trace the wires. If you can supply the files and eproms, I can burt them dependent on my time availability. Recently I burned some files for Replica-1 on a 2716 and it worked.

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Apple II EPROM burning

I have an EPROM burner for an Apple II+. There is no documentation, no software, and I don't even know if it works. It does have an "id" socket, presumably to identify different types of EPROMs. And, there is a ZIF socket for the EPROM to sit in. The board has a small transformer on it, presumably to provide the voltage required for burning.

Yeah, I am interested in what you want to do as well. Anyone have any information to share? Where does one get blank EPROMs? Real Apple II vs. clones used different types of EPROMs. What types of EPROMs do we need? I realize that the D0-F8 ROMs are copyright and I am NOT interested in piracy. Yeah, installing different ROM software, making different character sets and lower case and other possibilities for electronic projects come to mind with a working EPROM burner.

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Generic EPROM Burner

Look at http://www.willem.org/. Ebay has units for ~ $35.

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