Compubrick Accessories

Complete System

The Compubrick 160 and its two accessories: a keyboard and a Quickcam.

Compubrick Keyboard

The keyboard is simply encased in blocks; the actual keys are ordinary keyboard keys. This was actually a lot harder to make than it looks. A good many tabs had to be sanded off and it was difficult to get all the studs to line up. In fact, you'll see two slots up around the F6 and F7 key where I couldn't get them to line up. The keyboard's most noteworthy feature is the caps lock light. I placed a transparent block over the LED and the effect is very nice. The other two lights I covered up as I don't use them anyway.

Compubrick Quickcam

Getting the round Grayscale Quickcam apart was a real challenge. But in the end it was worth it, as I now have a building-block encased camera and the wounds have healed. I may end up redoing this one in more interesting colors. It's kind of dull.

Compubrick Mouse

Clearly, I can't do an entire system in building blocks and then leave the mouse a dull platinum.

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