Peripheral Hacks

Upgrade the Disk II controller with shrouded headers

Apple chose bare headers for the disk connectors on the Disk II controller, which make it notoriously easy to connect the drive cable incorrectly.

Jameco's "Shrouded Box Header 20 Pin 2316R-20G" makes an ideal replacement.


EPROM data rot in my EPROM programmer's EPROM

I recently discovered that some of my custom EPROMS from the 80's and 90's are exhibiting problems due to EPROM bit rot, which falls under the general category of data degredation...or 'data rot'.  Bit rot causes any programmed 0 bits to revert back to 1 bits, their un-programmed state.  The chip isn't actually harmed, it just loses its prorgamming. 

(2022) - New Project ideas

I'm aiming a little bit lower for my 2022 projects:

keyboard interfaces cards for vintage pre-MIDI music systems, the Passport Designs soundchaser and the Alpha Syntauri system

I have an existing passport interface card - acquired in early 2022 - which I can clone. Still hoping to find a soundchaser MX card as well. 

Cracking Open the Time Capsule

An in-depth look at Apple's Time Capsule: how to get more room for backups, and a cooler, quieter-running Time Capsule with a single upgrade.

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Fixing the Epson 'Prints Blank Pages' Problem

A number of Epson inkjet printers suffer from a problem where they eventually print nothing but blank pages, even with new ink tanks. Here's a way to try to fix the problem.

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The SportPod is a custom, weatherproof iPod case made from an old sports radio. Learn how to build your own.

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Clear AirPort Base Station

How to create your own clear AirPort Base Station.

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Hard drive sandwich

Using aluminum bar stock, eeun puts the squeeze on hard drive noise!

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Double the range of an Airport base station.

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