For sale on eBay: Color Classic with Ethernet and LC 575

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For sale on eBay: Color Classic with Ethernet and LC 575

I have for sale on eBay two "pristine" vintage Macs:

Both boot up and launch the OS fine and have more or less stock configurations, though the Color Classic is maxed out on RAM and has an ethernet expansion card. In addition, I have some miscellaneous software, hardware, and SCSI stuff that I will let go with each computer. I am selling these computers for my school district, which has all kinds of old old Apple stuff, so I may be posting more stuff in the future.

I also have for sale but not on eBay:

Three PowerMac 5700-ish computers
Two "Gossamer" Rev A Power Macintoshes
One LCIII with keyboard, mouse, and monitor
Four Centris 610s with keyboard, mouse and monitor and RJ-45 dongles but very limited # of CD caddies

Furthermore, I am considering selling a PowerMac G3 all-in-one. If you are interested and make me a good offer, I'll let it go.

Since the items are located in rural Alaska, USPS parcel post is the only shipping method offered. Anything else would be very expensive or not available.

If interested, please send me a private message or e-mail me at