FS: Sonnet (Crescendo?) 1GHz G4 ZIF Upgrade with Manual

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FS: Sonnet (Crescendo?) 1GHz G4 ZIF Upgrade with Manual

I took this as a working pull out of my souped-up B&W G3 that I had before I traded the rest of the system away. This is a 1GHz ZIF processor that should work with any older compatible Mac. It has 1MB L2 cache and the clock speed is set at 1GHz. There are dual fans on the built-in heatsink for maximum cooling. The instruction manual with recommended installation instructions is included as well.

I would like to ask $250 for this, but selling it for a little less isn't out of the question. I had been asking $275 for it elsewhere until this post. Give the fritter members the first lowering of my price!

I am located in ZIP 54449 for reference.