Apple's Hardware... um yeah

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Apple's Hardware... um yeah

OK so I think I may sell all of my computers (the WinXP box I built a year ago, my PowerBook 1400c (( btw if that happens the G3 upgrade will be whats sold and i havent forgotten those who have inquired about it )) and my B&W and get a new Intel Mac (along with some penny saving.) The problem is, I'm really not satisfied with the reliability of either of the options for me at this point due to budget restraints: ie, the mini and the MacBook.

The mini has been described here multiple times as a "disposable" computer; and the Macbook moos, whines, yellows, has batteries that swell, etc. (Yeah I know they released a firmware update which alters the speed of the fans.)

Have you HEARD this mooing sound? To an ear that's heard it before it sounds to me like a fan thats either horribly loud or is about to go horribly defective.

Here's an example moo.

My WinXP box has been a total headache, because it's got an Asus P5RD1V motherboard. Yeah google that and welcome to my world. Wink The last thing I want to walk into is a machine that's going to be giving me problems; what I really want is a modern version of my B&W as far as stability goes.

Or maybe more appropriately my 1400... it's a DECADE old with ZERO issues.

(Aside: How much should I eBay my B&W for? It's got these specs:
500 MHz G4 Proc
576 MB of RAM
80GB hard drive
Radeon Mac Edition video w/S-Video Out

could also sell it with a single layer DVD burner and an 11g card, those are in my WinXP box right now.)

What's a guy to do?

a)Buy a Macbook and complain at the slightest sight of trouble?
b)Buy a mini and never move the thing?
c)Spring for AppleCare on the Macbook and combine that with (a ?

Then there's the "is Apple going to go 64-bit across-the-board" question... watch me buy a Macbook and 2 years later be swearing about not being able to run 64-bit stuff.

It'll be awhile before I make the move, so if they are it can wait. But enough ranting, any thoughts?

-- Macinjosh

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my conclusion thus far has been to wait it out on a next revision Macbook, possibly with 64-bit capable CPUs. I really want a laptop over a mini so I can work wherever I feel like it.

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MacBook reliability

I'm on my second MacBook at present. The first unit was from one of the first batches and had chronic video and overheat problems. I managed to exchange it for a new one (with a build date of six weeks after the first one), and so far no problems. As for the mooing issue, I haven't encountered it. Also, with discoloration - haven't had that problem either. Then again, I know that white plastics inherently get dirty so I bought the black macbook so that any dirt won't be noticeable. The plastics appear to have changed from my first MacBook to the second one, but all in all, I'm pretty happy with the little machine.

If you can spring for the $1500 price point, a black MacBook won't disappoint. (just wait a month or two after the announcement before buying any newly released product and you'll be fine)

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My mom has a Macbook, and I h

My mom has a Macbook, and I have to say that it seems like it's much more solid than the iBook G4s. It doesn't get as hot as my 12" Powerbook, the reflective screen is acceptable, and the build quality is excellent. Hers is the white one and there are no stains. The battery life is very good, and of course it's very fast. There isn't any mooing to be found, either. The fan is much quieter than mine and it's almost imperceptible when it turns on.

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I love my MacBook Pro, except

I am changing my post because my MacBook Pro all of the sudden decided to commit suicide.

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The mini is "disposable"?

Not in my experience. I have one at home that sees a lot of use from me, my wife, and my three boys, and it's as solid as they come. I also have two in use here at work, where they see 8-12 hours of use a day with nary a hiccup. Granted, these are all G4 mini's, but I don't see a lot of design differences between the G4 and Intel minis that would make them less durable.

I'd go with the mini without hesitation. Run it for 11 months, then decide if you want to spring for Applecare.

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I'm using the (black) macbook

I'm using the (black) macbook now and have had no problems with it. The only thing that I caution is buy more ram right from the start. That is the only issue and it seems common to all the intel mac as far as I know.

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I feel you..

I had the same concerns when buying my 20" imac. I had a stable, 100% reliable (well, as close to 100% as a wintel can be) XP box and I loved it. I considered both pros and cons, both for the G5 and the intel..and I bought the intel. It's a great machine, but it has its quirks.

One, none of the industry standard software is in universal yet. Adobe CS2, yeah runs in emulated PPC mode, which means punk ass performance. Same goes for MS office 2004. I found a replacement for photoshop with gimp, and open office for office 2k4, but it's still just not the same. Once the industry software becomes available, I'll be much happier, but overall the consolidation of my massive amount of PC junk into one small imac was well worth it...same would go for a mac mini I'm sure.

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Re: B&W

Going prices I've noticed these days on eBay:
500mhz G4 ZIF: $50-75
(1)256mb PC100 SDRAM: $20
Mac Edition PCI Radeon: $20-30
B&W with original 350mhz G3 and Rage 128 video: $50

You'll probably do better if you part it out or sell it locally on Craigslist.

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that mooing sound is probly t

that mooing sound is probly the funniest thing ive heard come from a computer.....

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