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eMac Project Machine

I've got an eMac that has some display problems (described here) that I need to get out of my basement. It's a 1.25Ghz machine with USB 2.0, CD-ROM, 256MB RAM and a smallish hard drive (40GB I think). Currently running OS 10.3.9, with the standard raft of apps that come with an eMac. It was purchased as a remanufactured unit, so isn't covered by Apple's Repair Extension Program (rats!) The case is in good shape, and everything works as it should, with the exception of the internal video, of course. No mouse or keyboard (it was replaced by a mini).

The display problem makes the main screen pretty much unusable, but it would work great with an external monitor. It would also be a good candidate for an LCD transplant mod or a re-case project, if you're up to that.

How does $125 plus shipping sound? Too high? Offers? I'd prefer to sell the thing as a unit, but will consider offers to part it out. Also, if you're thinking it might be a good candidate for a Bodnar-esque LCD transplant project or re-case project, I could pull the CRT out to save on shipping costs (that puppy is heavy!)

Dave Thornton
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