Laptop DVD drive faceplate - Quanta Storage SDR-083

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Laptop DVD drive faceplate - Quanta Storage SDR-083

I got a used laptop DVD drive for really cheap, because it's missing the faceplate. It's a Quanta SDR-083 DVD-ROM drive, trayload, and has several stickers on it including one that says "SDR083SS MA10-C" and one that has a part number "P/N:5502435" If anyone has a dead/broken one with a useable faceplate then I'd be interested in it, as in the faceplate and the mounting screws/clips. Visually inspecting the one I have, it seems to have one or two screws and a few clips. Getting the eject button pressed is a bit tricky without something small to press the button with, so it's annoying to try to use the drive as-is. Wink

Send me a PM if you can help.