Mac TV tuners

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Mac TV tuners

Two Mac TV tuner cards pulled from working small AIO Macs not the Molar Macs (AIO G3s). These cards are guarrenteed NO DOA $20.00 each Shipped from 76086

A 800K Apple external floppy drive (3 1/4). I have no way to check this drive out so it is unknown if it works
$15.00 shipped from 76086

A Apple IIe with 5 1/4 external floppy and a IIc monitor (8" screen on monitor). The monitor works very well, green screen (monochrome) the Apple IIe powers right up. The floppy drive probubly needs cleaning as it will read most disks and not others and makes a chattering sound at start up then reads the disk. I have been told that a good cleaning will cure this problem.
$35.00 for all. does not include shipping. I believe i can ship all for $30.00 in the continental US.