Bunch of PC stuff

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Bunch of PC stuff

I have TONS of older PC components and even a few working 486 PC's. I also have boxes and boxes of stuff that I need to get rid of before my 18th birthday in January. I'm not really up for shipping anything anywhere, but if there’s something you REALLY want that I have, I'll consider it. I'm in the Bay Area, Santa Cruz if you know what I'm talking about, and I would prefer a pick-up.

Basically, all this stuff is free unless I have to ship it, unless you want to give me a small donation to help move out Smile

Anything I don’t get rid of will be disposed of, and I would prefer that I get rid rather than dispose.

I also have a really crappy trayloader iMac that’s in pieces, most of them are there, and it worked last time it was together. This too is free to a good home, and I'd prefer pick up.