Does anyone know how to make this work?

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Does anyone know how to make this work?

I am attempting to transfer songs from limewire to my iPod. This is the first time I have used iTunes on this computer also. I did the manually manage song thing, but for some reason when the songs from limewire show up in iTunes you cannot do anything with them except play them. You can't move them or anything.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

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I doubt you will get any help / advise here.
Downloading music via a file sharing app like Lime wire
is still against the law.

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Not necessarily true. . .

Poke around the "Libraries" and "Music" files, you'll find your songs. You should be able to burn a CD of them with iTunes. You might have to drag them out of the folders they are in, delete them from iTunes, then using iTunes "import" them from where ever you placed them, say the Desktop.

"Downloading music via a file sharing app like Lime wire is still against the law".

That isn't quite correct. I own several storebought CD's on which the metal media has disintegrated due to poor quality of materials and oxidation (Don't buy through Columbia House Music Club is the lesson here). I had made a copy of each disk, which I used in daily life, storing the originals away. The copies were all in a CD binder which was stolen. When I found that some of the originals were no good, I was without any digital copy. I am a legal owner of this media, and can legally copy these files through a file sharing network, and have done so to make replacement copies.

As long as you haven't bypassed any copy protection schemes ( a fairly recent law), which there are none on 99.99% of CD's, and you are the legal purchaser and holder of a media, you are entitled to receive copies of this media for reasons of "fair use."

BTW, the US congress passed a law to do the bidding of the RIAA that put a surcharge on all blank recordable audio media (cassette tapes, and burnable CD's) to cover some costs of music piracy. This is outrageous. We are all forced to pay for crimes we don't commit?!?! I think that the MPAA got a similar deal with VHS/Beta cassettes.

Additionally The Sonny Bono Act (I wish I was making this up), extended the copyright period on created media in the USA. Several law professors have contested it without success. Disney (bought and paid for) lobbying Sen. Bono to introduce this bill when the copyright on Mickey Mouse was coming up to expire(Steamboat Willy, 1929 I think). I don't think that Karma is real, but Sonny, (now sing along with me kids, from the theme song to the cartoon show "George of the Jungle") Watch out for that - Ah - Oooo! Treeee !

(For those that don't know, Sonny Bono, died by skiing into a tree at high speed.)


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