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apple II E parts

I have an old apple II E and would like to get it up and running. I just purchased a power unit and would like to get some additonal memory. Does anyone have a pair of 64k memory cards?

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You can only use one standard 64k memory expansion card in a IIe to bring it up to 128k. For awhile, they were selling 80 column cards, 64k expansion cards, and 64k/80 column expansion cards. Don't waste your time on the first two, there are plenty of the combo cards out there. The combo cards give you access to the memory benefits, 80 column text, and Double Hi-Res graphics, if you have the right software. I'll sell you one, fully tested, for $3.50 + $2.00 SH within the USA.

Apple sold an additionally usable memory expansion card that could be populated with memory chips to make expansions of 256k(came with this minum), 512K, 768k, or 1024k (1MB). While there were other third party expansion cards available in 3MB flavors, the Apple one was the most stable, and software recognized card (with Appleworks, CopyII+, DazzleDraw, etc. . . ). I have one that I will sell to you tested for $45 (256k), $50 (512k), $55 (768k), or $60 (1MB) plus $4 SH within the USA.

Send me a Private Message here if you are interested.

Mutant Pie

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