What's up with AF?

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What's up with AF?

I've been getting DNS timeouts for AF intermittently for the last week, then on Saturday, it cut out completely. This is the first time I've been able to get it to load since then...

Anyone else having problems?


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What's up with AF

It was probably witty, or something else, but all I can tell you is that almost 50% of my hyperlinks in my favorites werent working, includeing this one, great to be back tho, I've been wanting to post for days now.

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Flat Fritter

I had the same problem. Got the 'Fritter back today about 1800hrs.
Was it a virus? Worm? What? I ran all of my virus software and
came up clean. Checked all of my anti-spam and security programs
and everything checked out. Even tried alternate access numbers
for my ISP. Nada. 'Fritter server glitch again? It's happened before.
Some people march to a different drummer... I have a 52-piece orchestra playing just for me!

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Read the "Server trouble" pos

Read the "Server trouble" post on the main page. Explains everything.

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Server trouble

Man, this site has the most problems with servers than any ive been to Smile (But it is still the best site out of all those)

Im thinking doS attack.


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