Etrust Security Suite 2007

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Etrust Security Suite 2007

Hey all

Hrmm It's been a while since I've posted here, just chasing some advice really..
Has anyone used the new Etrust Security Suite 2007 version?
It seems to be ok, except I'm finding the firewall seems to be way to agressive, as it blocks almost everything by default.
When customizing the settings in the firewall, warnings keep coming up on the task bar saying that the firewall needs attention, because everything is set too low, and I when I turn it up higher it blocks absolutley everything.
Not too impressed, as this is one of the main security suite's we sell, and it's effecting my customer's being able to access the internet and emails.

Hs anyone else had any drama's with this product? The 2006 version is great, just the new version's firewall is very frustrating.
Have got onto Etrust about it, but they dont seem interested.. Maybe I'll go back to Norton's as a last resort Wink