iTunes import speed.

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iTunes import speed.


I import audio books from the local Library about every other day... Keeps me sane at work.

I have a QS dual G4 1GHz with a Pioneer 111D DVR drive. It imports CD's at a nice rate... But, I'm wondering how much faster a Dual G5 will import? I could purchase a 52X CDR for some added speed for the G4, but I am looking for some reason to sell and upgrade. Is importing CD's optical drive bound, or processor bound? I assume both. This may sound like an insane gripe, but I spend MANY hours importing books, and several hundred dollars invested in a new Mac makes sense when your not buying these Audio Books at $50 a pop, and your time in front of the computer starts adding up... The dog needs walking...

Please don't tell me I'm spoiled (with my entirely adequate computer - it is), or robbing authors of their well deserved book sales. Libraries are paid for through my taxes. Is anyting ever free?


I'm hoping advise is still free?

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I didn't think twice about it at first...

...Until you started telling people how to react to your stealing music. Saving money for a new Mac by not buying audio books you steal from the public library? Oh man. You dont want to hear people complain, don't post. Libraries are for borrowing, not owning. If you like an audio book enough to rip it and keep it, buy it. I found tons of benchmarks on audio CD import in itunes. But I'm moving on now. Flame is over.

Oh and you're spoiled too.

Blum 3

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reinforcing what he said.

Aside from that, Yes, the Speed is primarily processor bound. Since the processor does all the work (as opposed to the CD-ROM or Video card :P) the faster the CPU, the faster the import. The other thing to consider is the more ram you have, the better the speed will be. I think the max affective ram you will have on the G4 before barely seeing any real-time performance increases, rounds out about 1.5-2.0GB Ram speed is also an important factor. You may want to get ram with the lowest Cas Latency you can (the time it takes for the ram to catch and release date IIRC) so it makes the ram able to keep up with the bus.
Also, make sure your ram on the machine is the same speed. I don't remember what the 1GHz PM G4's used for ram (maybe 21/2700? that's what my iBook uses...) so try to get some quality ram. As far as just upgrading for ripping things (I am not condoning you ripping off data) it is not needed to upgrade to a G5 or intel mac. It's pretty much a matter of a few seconds anyway. Not like it will make any difference.

Anyway, sorry to chew your ear off. I still do not condone your piracy, but I hope this gives you the info you want to rip your own music Smile

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Points about stealing music agreed upon. And my comments about not purchasing these books in retrospect was pretty crass... I don't keep the ripped files, I don't share the ripped files. I delete the ripped files. I have no interest in listening to a book twice. In essence, the Audio Book is on loan, and I respect those terms of use from the Library.

I am sorry for ruffling feathers... And I agree, I am spoiled. Thanks for the advise.

I'll move along now.

I am a bit sad to hear that transfering CD's to an MP3 player is still considered stealing by default- even as a one use end? I will not aplologize for using the Library as it is intended. But, I will acknowledge that it does affect the pocketbook of "others". If the prices of Audio Books reflected the true cost of production...BUT very often 2X the Hardcover price, I might feel a little more "guilty". This is a Library after all, and I'm not "stealing" anything.

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