WTB - Newton MessagePad 2000/2100

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WTB - Newton MessagePad 2000/2100

to be completely honest, i don't even know what the newton really IS.

my brother (john8520) wants one for christmas, and so i'm looking to find one for him.

but this must be rather hush-hush.

i'd like to spend less than $100, but i understand if the price will be higher than that.

unfortuantely, i don't relaly have much up for trade - i'm not as big of a mac user as he is.

PM me or reply if you have anything related, or anything else i could look into (there might be something cooler, or as cool that i could get him).

i'm also new up here - so play nice, i'm a noob Smile

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yeah, you'd better be quiet a

yeah, you'd better be quiet as he has an account here, and anyone can read any topic. But i wont tell him.

the newton, or Newton message pad (NMP) was a line of Personal Digital Assistants made by apple from 1993-1997, with the 2000 and 2100 being the last 2 models on the line. these two share the same case, but earlier ones did not. they are essentailly the same, except the 2000 has 4mb of on board storage, and the 2100 has 8mb. they were quite revolutionary for the time, as almost all of them had PCMCIA expansion, allowing for anything from additional storage, to wifi. you could also use them as a ultra mobile portable computer, and hook them to a keyboard. Very nice machines. and they last forever on batteries. they still have a huge user following today.

as for where you can find them, try ebay. they usually come up for less than 100. dont get one of the more expensice ones, as the are all the same. make sure it comes with a stylus.

you could also try some other channels, such as thrift stores, craigslist, yahoo auctions, and other places, even people on here. but ebay would be your best bet.

hope that helps.

-digital Wink

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