733 Quicksilver processor in a 733 Digital Audio....Possible???

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733 Quicksilver processor in a 733 Digital Audio....Possible???

I happened to buy the wrong G4 processor(a Quicksilver) for my 733 Digital audio machine. The processor fits into the motherboard but the heatsink dosn't fit because of the notch on the QS processor. Is there a way to use this in my machine....or should I resell it on ebay???

Thanks for any input.

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yea a QS CPU will work in a D

yea a QS CPU will work in a DA Mac just fine cause they run at the same system bus and use the same connector the CPU fits in. BUT the QS cpu has 4 mounting holes on the CPU and the cpu in the DA Mac has 3 and the 4th mounting hole on the QS CPU requires you to supply a 12v lead to in order for the QS CPU to work in the DA. its a mod you have to do in order to get it to work in a DA system but once done it will work just fine. to be on the safe side you should mod the heatsink to get that part of the heatsink away from grounding out. also i have never done this myself so i dont know which mounting hole on the QS CPU is the 4th one that needs the 12v lead. but documents or directions can be fount on the net some where

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Quicksilver vs Digital Audio

Yes you can go through the steps of adding 12 volt to 4th post hole, and finding the proper heatsink. the information and photos are out there...

However, you're better off with a Digital Audio (DA) 733, because it has a 1mb L3 cache, and the Quicksilver (QS) DOES NOT! The 733 DA was the top of DA line, while the 733 QS was the bottom of the QS line.

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According to lowendmac, Apple

According to lowendmac, Apple did something to the DA motherboards that does not allow easy upgrading of the 466/533 models to the 667/733 processors. I don't know all the details, but I am thinking that if the QS boards require the 12 volt mod, that maybe the faster DA CPU boards may need the same??

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