Powerbook 1400cs Battery Rebuild

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Powerbook 1400cs Battery Rebuild

Hello. I have a G3 upgraded 1400cs, and I have a bad battery I think. Right now I am running Battery Amnesia, and the graph has MANY periods of time where the voltage fluctuates and I am taking that to mean that even though I could get some life out of it, I want to look to rebuilding this battery. Do Ni-MH batteries contain a smart controller? If not, I was thinking about making a battery pack that takes standard rechargable Ni-MH batteries available in the store and matching the 12V that I see at full charge in this pack, and then installing a diode to prevent the powerbook from charging the pack if I had inserted standard batteries in it (such as alkalines in a pinch). I suppose that I could also make it switched.

I was wondering if anybody had details about rebuilding batteries, designing a custom pack that uses standard rechargable cells, or if anybody had detailed info about the 1400c pack.


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I too am interested in this..

I too am interested in this.. I have a bunch of 1400 batteries (and only two 1400s). One of them has about an hour of life, one 30 minutes, and the other three are useless. One of them has already split open.. so I'm up for rebuilding it.

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