FS G3 450

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FS G3 450

I have a very nice G3 450 that needs a new home as I have way to many. Machine specs are
G3 450MHz
256megs ram
Zip 100 Drive
12Gig Hd
ATI Video card W/DVD decoder card

This is as nice a G3 as I've seen in a while. The case has very minor scuffing on it The colors on it are not bleached out or discolored and it works very well. I've even watched DVDs on it and its priced right. Guarrented NO DOA
$68.50 shipped from 76086

and while I'm here I had a PC sneak in with the last load of Macs I got. I did power it up and it powered right back down and the psu smells bad (burnt) however I think it has a few salvageable parts
1. Nvida GeForce FX 5200, with 128megs vram...... $12.50 shipped. Unkown if it works sold as is
2. C3DX audio card it has front and rear speaker out puts and a center channel for a subwoofer plus a game port. $12.50 shipped. Unknown if it works sold as is
3. AMD Athlon CPU. A 1gig if I'm reading it right. The Cpu appears good, no hot spots and it come with the heatsink and fan. $12.50 shipped. unkown if it works sold as is
4. Silver Antec ATX Case with clear window on one side and a Asus MoBo shipping only will get this to you. Shipping Approx $28.00 from 76086.
5 Two 512meg 133MHz 168pin ram sticks. $25.00 shipped from 76086.
Let me know Thru a PM