Please Help! iBook -> MacBook?

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Please Help! iBook -> MacBook?

Can I pinch pennies here?

Is my iBook G4 (10.3.9) capable of running the MacBook OSX install cd (10.4), or am I lacking in sheer dual Intel core processors? I'd really like to run the Macbook install cd and find out for myself what happens, but, obviously, I don't have the money or the patience to lose control out of this wonderful, working machine I have before me.

But damnit if I don't miss Dashboard, and all the funky widgets she comes with. Not to mention that media on the internet hardly works without the essential 10.4 upgrades that call to me in my sleep....

Bad Idea? Good Idea? Help! I'm so tempted!!!

Thank you!

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the mac book install cds are

the mac book install cds are for mac books only. not just because they came with them but also because it is intel formatted software. to get tiger on your ibook, grab a install dvd (the ones you buy in the store)


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Intel OS install discs

are pretty specific to machine from my experience. Make sure not to lose those discs. As peacefrog226 said, you're going to have to get a retail copy of tiger if you want 10.4 on your iBook. Please note, however, that the retail copy of 10.4 will NOT work on your MacBook.

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