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transfer m4v

I want to transfer m4v to my Zune because Zune video converter site said that Zune Software could directly transfer MP4, M4V, MOV, H.264 to Zune, but I had trouble with transfering m4v. Does anyone have the same problem or did I do something wrong?

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So...wanna tell us how this is hack related?


The Zune is hacked together...Different kind of hack...More like glued together at the last second from other, less crappy parts!!!

I miss Kiwi.

Can we get a filter?

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Re: transfer m4v

pjsbue wrote:
Does anyone have the same problem or did I do something wrong?

Since the zune doesn't really support the Mac OS, I doubt anyone here has encountered this issue. As for if you did something wrong, you'd likely be better off with something else. Anyways, welcome to the social.

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re: how this is hack related?

Or Mac related even? Is Zune supported on Macs at all? Not like I care. Blum 3

Of course, I quickly discover that the named SW isn't even available as a Mac executable, so there is no relevance to this post here at AF.

That link in pjsbue's post suggests perhaps a sneaky way to add a referring link to AF's forums. At least pjsbue didn't just sign up immediately before making this post, so mebbe it ain't so . . . just my suspicious mind no doubt.

dan k

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Of course the only other post

Of course the only other post from pjsblue is in the known spam post from the user unmvba, whose only other thread is one that has a link to a "spamish" style site, right here. In that post the user wanted software for video conversion to an iPod, and posted a good reply to the spam link...

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Moved to the correct forum, a

Moved to the correct forum, and removed the link url but left the text.
Smells like disguised spamming to me, but the post is otherwise unchanged in case it's not.
Google's there in case anyone does need a link.

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