modified heatsink

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modified heatsink

when i gutted my dead ibook for parts, i saved the heatsink thinking it might possibly be a good heatsink to use in my wallstreet to help cooling. i'll try to get pictures, but it would basically be turned 180 degrees so that the fins would be closer to you (preferably occupying the space where the modem card i never use is in the case of the wallstreet). when i compared the heatsink to the computer, i saw that it was too long to fit into the space left by the keyboard. so of course i'm considering cutting the heat spreader down some to get it to line up better...but i wanted to know if it's possible to heat the heat pipe and make both bends tighter so that i can try to better center the heat spreader over the cpu itself. i know it's odd, but i've seen such things done before.