Epson CX5400 Printer Question

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Epson CX5400 Printer Question

My printer stopped printing out on paper. It sounded like it was printing but nothing appeared on the paper. I removed the cartridges and found that the plastic hose that attaches to the dispenser of the ink came loose. I cannot reach the plastic tubing to attach it back to the dispenser and was wondering how to remove the bottom of the printer case from the top. There are no screws on the bottom. Do you know if this can be separated so that I can reach the plastic hose/tube in order to put it back in the slot for the dispenser? I have tried using needle nose pliers to hold it but there is not enough room and it always slips out of place. Seems like it would be easier if I could just go in from the bottom. I would appreciate any help you could give me so that I don't do any further damage to the printer. Thanks. gwf70 email

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I have some disassembly info

I have some disassembly info in here:

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